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A sickening Red and Black Glitter 11"Heel! Yas Gawd designed with only the FIERCEST customers in mind! This a super boot of epic proportions that satisfies the cravings of couture connoisseurs. Hi Geovani

These boots are meant more for Modeling/Photoshoots/Light performing/events that do not require a lot of walking or movement. Since they have such an extreme high platform, if worn improperly or too aggressively the boot itself may separate from the platform, rendering it unwearable and possibly resulting in injury. PLEASE USE WITH CAUTION * By purchasing these boot you are releasing FierceQueen.com from any liability in relation to broken platform or injury.

US shipping only: You can expect to receive your order shipped via registered post within 5-7 business days to all major U.S. cities. California customers 2-3 days!

RETURNS: Due to the personal nature of these wearable products, all sales are final. There are no exchanges or refunds.

***These boots are in men's sizes only***